Jeff & Melanie Carpenter—photo by Alden Pellett
Lily, fairy of the Elderberry trees.

Zack Woods Herb Farm is a certified organic medicinal herb farm and botanical sanctuary located in the heart of the green mountains of northern Vermont. We have majestic mountain views and are surrounded by pristine forests and streams. It is on this little piece of heaven that in 1999 we began our dream of living and farming sustainably while providing people with some of the highest quality medicinal herbs. All of our herbs are organically grown or ethically wild-harvested and exhibit the incredible life force that flows through our land. 

Jeff and Melanie Carpenter, owners and operators of Zack Woods Herb Farm, have recently co-authored the book, The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer.

Jeff Carpenter has farming in his blood. Descended from generations of Vermont farmers, Jeff deepened his love and understanding of plants through an apprenticeship with Rosemary Gladstar and as the co-owner of Sage Mountain Herb Products. Since those early days Jeff’s work as a farmer, agricultural consultant, author, educator, and researcher has focused on the cultivation, conservation, and marketing of medicinal herbs. Jeff recently authored the book The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer, is the director of the International Herb Symposium and is the president of the Vermont Herb Growers Cooperative.  His passion for the green world is evident as he spends his days working in the fields and in the community.

Melanie Carpenter grew up at Sage Mountain with her step-mother and herbal visionary Rosemary Gladstar. It was from Rosemary that Melanie first cultivated a love for medicinal plants and for the last twenty years, Melanie has worked in the field of medicinal herbs as a farmer, mother, community herbalist, and educator. In addition to her work as a farmer, Melanie serves on the board of directors of United Plant Saver, has authored the book, The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer, and assists her family in directing the International Herb Symposium and NE Women’s Herb Conference.   She believes that some of the most profound teachings and healings come from working on the land with the plants. To that end, Melanie offers classes on the farm to help people explore and deepen their connection to the green nations.

Their daughter, Lily, also helps on the farm tending to the plants, singing, and playing with fairies