In the Magic of the Green Mountains

a film about an organic herb farm and the love that made it happen

In the Magic of the Green Mountains

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Vermont herbalists Jeff and Melanie Carpenter sold their natural products business to buy raw land and start an organic farm to grow medicinal herbs—rather than source them from half-way around the world. It is a story that is beautifully portrayed, entirely on 16mm film, and provides a glimpse into the scenic beauty of Vermont, with its gently rolling green hills. This heart-warming and uplifting lyrical documentary, reveals the unfolding journey behind the emergence of Zack Woods Herb Farm—today a reliable partner to a local community seeking sustainable, healthy living. The farmers themselves, exemplify a relationship of living wholistically with nature, that requires giving, as much as receiving. We see into their lives, the healing dimension, the changes. The unforeseen hardships, are met, with commitment, unwavering purpose, and with a touch of magic. The film is about love and partnership—about how embracing the green world, will inspire us to roll-up our sleeves, and dig our hands into the soil, to grow our own. When the mind slows down, the heart opens. 

In the Magic of the Green Mountains is a beautiful and moving film that lets you bear witness to what it really takes to follow your passion—the challenge, the heartbreak and the rewards of living your dreams”  
—Jovial King, Founder, Urban Moonshine

“An amazing story of dedication, resilience and love. I believe it will resonate with the organic & sustainable farming community here in the San Francisco Bay Area.” 
—Eva Auchincloss, Presidio Graduate School Board, San Francisco

74 minutes.

Original language: English. Subtitled in: French and Spanish.

Produced and Directed by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt

Music by Micah Burgess and Robert Cookman

© 2015 Tea Dragon Films