Zack Woods Herb Farm is a dream that we've been cultivating for the last 18 years and like any good dream, it is taking us on a beautiful and worthy journey. We began our farm with two clear missions and they continue to be our guiding principles today.

  • Our first priority is to be good stewards of the land: to not only protect the medicinal plants that we cherish, and the soils that nurture them but also to help them flourish.
  • Our second commitment is to strive to produce the highest quality live, fresh and dried botanicals and herb teas for our local community and beyond.

Quality and integrity are our guiding principles. These principles guide our work and all that we do here on the farm. Over the years we have worked collaboratively with some of the finest herbalists, farmers, and researchers from around the world. We have also participated in research studies and continue to host and teach numerous educational tours, workshops, and classes in an effort to share knowledge about the cultivation and preservation of medicinal plant populations.

All of our herbs are certified organically grown or ethically wild-harvested on the farm and exhibit the incredible vitality that flows through our land. We welcome you to try our fresh, dried, & live plants and support a family farm that is dedicated to healing plants, people, and our planet.


Customer service is important to us here at Zack Woods Herb Farm. However, because we are a working farm and spend the majority of our time in the fields growing, harvesting and processing the plants, our office hours are limited to Tuesdays, 8-12pm.  We answer all emails within 3 business days, return calls several times a week, and orders will be shipped out within 7-10 business days.
Thank you for your continuing support!

Please call, email, or fill out an online order form
if you'd like to place a retail or wholesale order.

Zack Woods Herb Farm is a working farm, not a retail
establishment—all visits need to be scheduled and confirmed in advance. To schedule a visit please contact the office during business hours. Note that we are closed to the public Saturday and Sunday.